Crypto RPG World Whitepaper

Introduction: This whitepaper outlines the key features and gameplay of a new RPG game based on Polygon network for NFT, which includes 100 unique game scenes for players to explore with a fire breathing dragon. The game is designed to provide an immersive and engaging experience for players who are interested in adventure, exploration, and collection.

Gameplay: The gameplay of this RPG game is centered around exploration, collection, and eventually combat. Players start with a basic dragon character and are given a set of objectives to complete in each scene. As they explore each scene, they can collect unique items and gear that will help them progress in the game. The game will eventually have a variety of enemies and bosses that players will have to defeat using their collected gear and abilities.

NFT Integration:

Each game scene will be represented by a unique NFT on the Polygon network. Players will be able to purchase these NFTs to gain access to the corresponding game scene. The NFTs will be tradeable on various marketplaces, creating a secondary market for players to buy and sell the scenes they have collected. Players who collect all 100 scenes will receive a special reward that will be announced at a later date.

Game Scenes:

The game will feature 100 unique scenes, each with its own theme and challenges. The scenes will be divided into different regions, and players will have to progress through each region to unlock access to new scenes. Some of the scene themes include forests, caves, deserts, underwater, and more. Each scene will have its own set of enemies, loot, and challenges, making the game experience unique and diverse.


In conclusion, this RPG based on Polygon network NFT is designed to provide an engaging and exciting experience for players who are interested in adventure, exploration, and collection. With 100 unique game scenes to explore and collect, the game provides a wide range of challenges and rewards for players. The integration of NFTs provides a unique opportunity for players to collect and trade scenes, creating a thriving secondary market for the game. I believe that this game will be a great addition to the NFT gaming space and look forward to its launch.

Wanna check it out? Download alpha release with working character and actual game scene #1. Remember this is in progress and might change and probably will over the course of it’s life. Why? Read More Below.

Update to the whitepaper:

In addition to the features outlined in the previous whitepaper, each sale of an NFT game scene will add another plot of 15mx15m to that scene. For example, if two people buy the same NFT, another 15×15 plot will be added to the scene. These additional plots can include more assets to blend in, more decorations, and other elements to make the scene even more immersive.

We have over 100,000 assets ready to go, including nature scenes, cities, space assets, 400 character NPCs, allowing the game to go in thousands of different directions. Most elements will be added through a voting system, where NFT owners will have a say in what is added to the scene.

For example, if the two owners from earlier want to add something new to the scene, they will be able to vote on what is to be added. This voting system allows NFT owners to have a say in the direction of the game and helps to create a more engaging and interactive experience for players.

Overall, the addition of the voting system and the ability to add more plots to scenes provides even more depth and variety to the gameplay, making this RPG game even more appealing to players who are interested in adventure, exploration, and collection.

Crypto RPG World is under heavy early stage development. Crypto RPG uses WWW tokens for in-game needs (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Community Points, etc.). In-game assets and tokens are not financial assets, just as a game is not a financial instrument. The game — is a DApp that is delivered as-is, the developers are not responsible for direct or indirect losses. All actions performed by players in the game are done by users and confirmed with help of their wallets at their request. For all purchases of in-game assets made on the site or on third-party sites, the users are responsible on their own, as well as for compliance with the laws of their country of residence and/ or citizenship. Persons under the age of 18 can play this game only with the consent of their legal guardians and from their accounts. However, the account holder is responsible for everything done with that account. The account must follow our TOS