Apocalypse Scene Details

What did you think, it’s 2024, the world is going to shit but hey you have this game to keep you occupied. Watch out for hungry and desperate people in town near you. Stock up on ammo and defend yourself at all cost.

Earn points and rewards for completing quests and specific actions in the game and on the community. Register or Login Do you know a lot about our military or anything related? Submit a story or quest to be included in this game scene. quests@cryptorpg.world

  1. “Survival Supply Run”: The player must venture out into the wasteland to gather supplies for their community.
  2. “Find the Safe Zone”: The player is tasked with finding and securing a safe zone for their community to reside in.
  3. “Clear Out the Bandits”: The player must take down a group of bandits who have been terrorizing the local area.
  4. “The Water Treatment Plant”: The player must repair the water treatment plant to provide clean water for their community.
  5. “The Mysterious Signal”: The player must investigate a mysterious signal that has been emanating from an old radio tower.
  6. “The Government Bunker”: The player must find and enter a government bunker, rumored to contain valuable resources.
  7. “The Zombie Outbreak”: The player must stop a zombie outbreak from spreading and find a cure for the infection.
  8. “Escape the Quarantine Zone”: The player must escape a quarantine zone that has been set up around a contaminated area.
  9. “The Renegade Group”: The player must take down a group of renegades who are causing chaos in the local area.
  10. “The Alien Invasion”: The player must defend their community from an alien invasion.
  11. “The Cursed Town”: The player must lift a curse that has been placed on a nearby town, causing the residents to turn into monsters.
  12. “The Cult of the Apocalypse”: The player must stop a cult from summoning a ancient apocalyptic deity.
  13. “The Missing Scientists”: The player must find and rescue a group of scientists who have gone missing while researching a cure for the apocalypse.
  14. “The Toxic Waste Facility”: The player must clean up a toxic waste facility that has been leaking dangerous chemicals.
  15. “The Last Stand”: The player must defend their community against a final, devastating attack.
  16. “The Mysterious Stranger”: The player must decide whether to trust a mysterious stranger who claims to have valuable information.
  17. “The Cursed Object”: The player must destroy a cursed object that is causing strange and dangerous occurrences in the local area.
  18. “The Mad Scientist”: The player must stop a mad scientist from unleashing a dangerous experiment on the world.
  19. “The Mutant Outbreak”: The player must contain a mutant outbreak and find a way to reverse the mutations.
  20. “The Apocalypse Cultist”: The player must confront and defeat the leader of an apocalypse cult who is attempting to bring about the end of the world.