Zombie Scene Details

No one is safe from the zombie horde. If you have any brains left, they are coming after it.

Try to stay alive and don’t forget “Rule #2” = “Double Tap”

Earn points and rewards for completing quests and specific actions in the game and on the community. Register or Login

Do you know a lot about zombies or anything creepy and disgusting? Submit a story or quest to be included in this game scene. quests@cryptorpg.world

  1. Find and rescue survivors.
  2. Secure a safe haven or shelter.
  3. Find a way to stop the zombie outbreak.
  4. Gather supplies and resources.
  5. Upgrade your weapons and equipment.
  6. Defend against zombie attacks.
  7. Survive for a certain number of days.
  8. Explore and scavenge abandoned buildings and areas.
  9. Find a way to contact other survivor groups.
  10. Complete objectives to uncover the cause of the zombie outbreak.
  11. Form and lead a group of survivors.
  12. Trade with other survivor groups for necessary supplies.
  13. Conduct research to find a cure for the zombie plague.
  14. Infiltrate enemy camps to gather intel or steal supplies.
  15. Sabotage enemy operations.
  16. Escape from a high-security prison.
  17. Find a way to contact and seek help from any remaining military or government organizations.
  18. Defend against zombie hordes in a last stand scenario.
  19. Find and secure a reliable source of food and water.
  20. Repair and maintain vehicles to facilitate travel and escape.