Fantasy Scene Details

Kill or be killed, those were the days. Be a man and fight your way to the princess.

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Do you know a lot about what it was like in those days or anything related to medieval times? Submit a story or quest to be included in this game scene.

  1. “The Missing Heir”: The player is hired to find the missing heir to the throne, who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances.
  2. “The Cursed Village”: The player must lift a curse that has been placed on a nearby village, causing all the crops to wither and the animals to die.
  3. “The Dragon’s Lair”: The player must brave a dragon’s lair to retrieve a valuable artifact.
  4. “The Necromancer”: The player must stop a necromancer from raising an army of the undead.
  5. “The Goblin King’s Challenge”: The player is tasked with defeating the Goblin King in a series of challenges to prove their worth.
  6. “The Witch’s Bargain”: The player must decide whether to fulfill a witch’s request in exchange for her help in a difficult situation.
  7. “The Ancient Temple”: The player must explore an ancient temple to uncover a long-lost secret.
  8. “The Missing Explorer”: The player must find and rescue a famous explorer who has gone missing in a treacherous jungle.
  9. “The Bandit’s Den”: The player must take down a group of bandits terrorizing a local village.
  10. “The Haunted Mansion”: The player must investigate a mansion rumored to be haunted and banish the ghosts within.
  11. “The Stolen Artifact”: The player must retrieve a powerful artifact that has been stolen from the local museum.
  12. “The Sunken Ship”: The player must dive to the bottom of the ocean to explore a sunken ship and find a valuable treasure.
  13. “The Oracle’s Prophecy”: The player must fulfill an Oracle’s prophecy in order to save the world from a great danger.
  14. “The Missing Children”: The player must find and rescue a group of children who have gone missing in the woods.
  15. “The Golem’s Heart”: The player must find and retrieve the heart of a golem, which has been stolen by a group of thieves.
  16. “The Cursed Forest”: The player must explore a cursed forest and find a way to lift the curse.
  17. “The Dark Warlock”: The player must defeat a dark warlock who has been terrorizing the countryside.
  18. “The Missing Sorcerer”: The player must find and rescue a powerful sorcerer who has been kidnapped by a rival.
  19. “The Enchanted Castle”: The player must navigate through an enchanted castle and defeat the evil sorceress who dwells within.
  20. “The Shadow Realm”: The player must enter the Shadow Realm and defeat the Shadow King in order to restore balance to the world.