Racing Scene Details

Why are you uploading your racing video on YouTube that you took on the highway?

It’s much safer here and you can respawn, alive!!!

  1. Win a street race against rival drivers.
  2. Complete a series of races in a specific vehicle class.
  3. Unlock and purchase new vehicles.
  4. Upgrade your vehicles with new parts.
  5. Compete in a circuit racing series.
  6. Participate in a drag racing event.
  7. Win a rally race on dirt roads.
  8. Complete a time trial event.
  9. Unlock and complete new tracks.
  10. Beat the lap time of a specific rival driver.
  11. Participate in a demolition derby.
  12. Win a race on a rainy track.
  13. Win a race on a snowy track.
  14. Win a race on a dirt track.
  15. Win a race on a track with multiple loops.
  16. Win a race with a specific car manufacturer.
  17. Complete a race using only manual transmission.
  18. Win a race with no assists enabled.
  19. Complete a race without crashing.
  20. Win a race on a track with multiple elevations and jumps.