Port Town

Port Scene Details

“No sir, there is no drugs, hamans or stolen cars in that shipping container”.

Ports have slowed way down in the last couple years, Not sure why they can’t fix the distribution issue.

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  1. Manage and expand the port’s facilities.
  2. Coordinate the loading and unloading of cargo ships.
  3. Assist with the repair and maintenance of ships.
  4. Sell and purchase goods at the market.
  5. Plan and execute trading routes.
  6. Develop relationships with other port towns and trading partners.
  7. Protect the port from pirate attacks.
  8. Collect and disperse information about the arrival and departure of ships.
  9. Hire and manage a team of dock workers.
  10. Upgrade the port’s equipment and infrastructure.
  11. Facilitate communication and cooperation between ships and the port.
  12. Negotiate and enforce trade agreements.
  13. Act as a mediator in disputes between ships or port workers.
  14. Invest in the local community and economy.
  15. Develop and implement a security plan for the port.
  16. Work with local authorities to enforce laws and regulations at the port.
  17. Coordinate with customs officials to facilitate the smooth import and export of goods.
  18. Collaborate with other port towns to create a regional trade hub.
  19. Assist with the transport of passengers between ships and the port.
  20. Investigate and prevent environmental disasters at the port.