Airport Scene

Airport Scene Details

Don’t be late for your flight and travel light. Watch out for “Karen” on the plane and wear your mask. Maybe join the “Pixel High Club” 🙂

Hopefully Someday you will be able to travel from this metaverse airport to another metaverse airport or even crazier other platform thru a portal.

Earn points and rewards for completing quests and specific actions in the game and on the community. Register or Login

Do you know a lot about airports and anything related in the industry? Submit a story or quest to be included in this game scene.

  1. “Lost and Found”: The player must search the airport for a lost item that a passenger has misplaced.
  2. “Security Breach”: The player must track down and stop a group of terrorists who have snuck weapons past airport security.
  3. “VIP Escort”: The player must escort a VIP passenger through the airport and ensure their safe passage to their flight.
  4. “Technical Difficulties”: The player must assist airport staff in fixing a malfunctioning piece of equipment that is causing delays.
  5. “Runaway Luggage”: The player must chase down a suitcase that has escaped from the baggage claim area.
  6. “The Missing Pilot”: The player must find a missing pilot who has failed to show up for their flight.
  7. “The Stolen Passport”: The player must recover a stolen passport before the owner’s flight leaves.
  8. “The Suspicious Passenger”: The player must investigate a passenger who is acting strangely and may be a threat to the safety of the airport.
  9. “The Misplaced Item”: The player must help a passenger find a valuable item that they left in the airport.
  10. “The Lost Child”: The player must help a panicked parent find their child who has gone missing in the airport.
  11. “The Errant Drone”: The player must stop a drone that is flying dangerously close to planes on the runway.
  12. “The Sick Passenger”: The player must assist a passenger who has taken ill and needs medical attention.
  13. “The Runaway Pet”: The player must chase down a pet that has escaped from its owner’s custody in the airport.
  14. “The Suspicious Package”: The player must investigate a package that has been left unattended in the airport and determine if it is a threat.
  15. “The Computer Hack”: The player must stop a hacker who is attempting to breach the airport’s computer systems.
  16. “The Delayed Flight”: The player must help calm down upset passengers whose flight has been delayed and find a solution to the problem.
  17. “The Missing Plane”: The player must investigate the disappearance of a plane that was scheduled to land at the airport.
  18. “The Runaway Airport Cart”: The player must chase down an airport cart that has gotten away from its operator and is causing chaos in the terminal.
  19. “The Bomb Threat”: The player must help evacuate the airport and disarm a bomb that has been discovered on the premises.
  20. “The Stowaway”: The player must search for a stowaway who has snuck aboard a plane and is hiding in the airport.