Military Scene Details

These military guys wake up when you go to bed son, so show some respect. Help them find the spy and battle terrorists along the way. This is not a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” game. Grab a weapon a fight your way through. Stand up for what is right and march on soldier.

You will be signing “Birdy, birdy, in the sky. Dropped a whitewash in my eyes

I’m no wimp, I won’t cry. I’m just glad that cows don’t fly”

Earn points and rewards for completing quests and specific actions in the game and on the community. Register or Login

Do you know a lot about our military or anything related? Submit a story or quest to be included in this game scene.

ATTENTION (No Classified Stories Please) Keep it civilian-ish.

  1. “The Enemy Base”: The player must infiltrate and destroy an enemy base.
  2. “The Missing Squad”: The player must find and rescue a squad of soldiers who have gone missing behind enemy lines.
  3. “The Hostage Situation”: The player must rescue hostages being held by enemy forces.
  4. “The Assassination Attempt”: The player must prevent an assassination attempt on a high-ranking officer.
  5. “The Enemy Spy”: The player must find and eliminate an enemy spy who has been gathering sensitive information.
  6. “The Enemy Convoy”: The player must take down an enemy convoy and retrieve valuable intel.
  7. “The Sabotage Mission”: The player must sabotage enemy equipment and infrastructure.
  8. “The Rescue Mission”: The player must rescue allied soldiers who have been captured by enemy forces.
  9. “The Enemy General”: The player must assassinate an enemy general who is planning a major attack.
  10. “The Enemy Intel”: The player must find and retrieve enemy intel to gain an advantage in the war.
  11. “The Enemy Supply Depot”: The player must destroy an enemy supply depot to cripple their operations.
  12. “The Missing Scientist”: The player must find and rescue a scientist who has gone missing while working on a top-secret project.
  13. “The Enemy Communication Tower”: The player must take down an enemy communication tower to disrupt their communication.
  14. “The Enemy Weapon Cache”: The player must destroy an enemy weapon cache to disable their ability to fight.
  15. “The Defector”: The player must extract a defector who has valuable information about enemy plans.
  16. “The Undercover Operation”: The player must go undercover to gather intel on enemy activities.
  17. “The Enemy Transport Plane”: The player must take down an enemy transport plane carrying valuable cargo.
  18. “The Enemy Pilot”: The player must capture an enemy pilot who has crashed behind enemy lines.
  19. “The Enemy Nuclear Weapon”: The player must find and disarm an enemy nuclear weapon before it can be used.
  20. “The Enemy Intelligence Officer”: The player must capture an enemy intelligence officer and interrogate them for information.