Farm Scene Details

Hard working farmers is what is keeping this country alive. They also have cute farm girls, What more do you need? Farm animals? Yup we got em.

So If you love cute farm girls and animals, you will feel right at home in this tiny farm scene.

Earn points and rewards for completing quests and specific actions in the game and on the community. Register or Login

Do you know a lot about the farm life? Submit a story or quest to be included in this game scene.

  1. Harvest a specific number of crops within a certain time frame.
  2. Sell a certain amount of produce at the market.
  3. Collect a certain number of eggs from your chickens.
  4. Tend to a sick animal and bring it back to health.
  5. Expand your farm by purchasing and clearing new land.
  6. Upgrade your farm equipment.
  7. Plant and harvest a new type of crop.
  8. Build and maintain a garden filled with flowers and other decorative plants.
  9. Repair a broken fence on your property.
  10. Craft a specific item using resources from your farm.
  11. Participate in a county fair and win a ribbon.
  12. Train and show a prize-winning animal.
  13. Hire and manage a team of farmhands.
  14. Invest in renewable energy sources for your farm.
  15. Breed and raise a new type of animal.
  16. Start a farm-to-table restaurant.
  17. Participate in a local farmers’ market.
  18. Develop a new product line using your farm’s resources.
  19. Sell crafts or other handmade items at a roadside stand.
  20. Research and implement new farming techniques to increase efficiency and yield.